Green Room Productions  

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Tuesday 7th to Saturday 11th November 2006

Book by Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan

New Music by Jeanine Tesori

New Lyrics by Dick Scanlan

Original Story and Screenplay by Richard Morris for the Universal Pictures Film

Originally Produced for Broadway by Michael Leavitt Fox Theatricals Hal Luftig
Stewart F. Lane James L. Nederlander Independent Presenters Network
L. Mages/M. Glick Berinstein/Manocherian/Dramatic Forces
John York Nobel and Whoopi Goldberg

Presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD on behalf of MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL of NEW YORK

New York 1922: Millie Dillmount steps off the train from Salina, Kansas, determined to make a new life in the big city: this means bobbing her hair, wearing short skirts, cavorting in Speakeasies and marrying her boss - the richer, the better. She takes up residence at a hotel for single girls where she meets the fluttery starlet Miss Dorothy and the two girls quickly become friends.

Despite appearances, the Priscilla Hotel, run by the diabolical proprietress Mrs. Meers, turns out to be a front for a white slavery ring. Mrs Meers, with the help of her henchmen Bun Foo and Ching Ho, plots to kidnap Miss Dorothy.

Millie meets the young Jimmy Smith but, having landed a job with the Sincere Trust Insurance Company, sets her sights on her wealthy boss Trevor Graydon III. Although Millie and Jimmy are attracted to each other the unemployed Jimmy is as far from her plan to marry as a girl can get. Unresponsive to Millie’s advances however, Trevor Graydon, is soon smitten with Miss Dorothy.

When her motto "reason over romance" falters, Millie turns to Jimmy's singing star friend Muzzy Van Hossmere for advice. Muzzy encourages her to follow her heart. But nothing appears to be turning out as planned. As the plot unravels, will love finally conquer all?

Musical Director ADAM BAUM

Cast Of Characters

Millie Dillmount Melanie Permutt
Jimmy Smith Jos Slovick
Ruth Clare Colthrup
Gloria Ceri Sims
Rita Heather Jordan
Alice Andrea Pollington
Ethel Peas Lucy Monkman
Cora Wendy Hayfield
Lucille Alison Allan
Mrs Meers David Stone
Miss Dorothy Brown Melanie Herbert
Ching Ho Steve Allan
Bun Foo Ian Prosser
Miss Flannery Sophie Sawtell
Trevor Graydon Alastair Woodgate
Speed Tappists Chris Cuming, Mitchell Lathbury
The Pearl Lady Heather King
The Letch Mitchell Lathbury
Officer Rob Law
Muzzy Van Hossmere Iris Harmon
George Gershwin David Jenkins
Dorothy Parker Marion Barron
Dishwashers Georgie Sanders, Kevin Hebden, James Lye
Muzzy's Boys Chris Cuming, Mitchell Lathbury, Paul St James
Muzzy's Showgirls Emily Burman, Trish Law, Andrea Pollington, Ceri Sims
Muzzy's Singers Alison Allan, David Jenkins, Terry Salkeld
Daphne Ann Gray
Dexter Rob Law
New Modern Sarah Lane


Marian Barron, Emily Burman, Chris Cuming, Tamsin Goodwin-Connelly, Ann Gray, Kevin Hebden, David Jenkins, Heather King, Sarah Lane, Mitchell Lathbury, Rob Law, Trish Law, James Lye, Ruaridh MacPhee, Lucy Monkman, Paul St James, Terry Salkeld, Georgina Sanders

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